How much is a combi (kombi) in Gabz?

Public transport in Gaborone, the capital city of Botswana, comprises of a mix of taxi’s and mini buses locally known as Combis we will let you know how much is a combi. There are several routes than run through out the city and also connect Gaborone with other villages that have now merged with the city. These include Mogoditshane, Mmopane, Gabane, Tlokweng, Oodi and others.

Public Transport fair in Gaborone – How much is a combi

A single trip on a combi (mini-bus) is P7.00 for one adult.

The price for a single adult one trip in a designated route is P7.00

Routes in Gaborone

Combi routes run from the Gaborone Bus Station as the primary connecting point. Other starting points include the Gaborone Train Station, Main Mall, Riverwalk Mall, Game City Mall and other shopping malls here There are numerous other smaller starting and end points littered across the city.

You will find the route number of the kombi on the front right hand side of the combi. Be sure to ask the driver when you climb on that your destination is on the route.

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