Prepare properly to get a great job without experience

You have worked hard and spent years getting your Degree and now it seems impossible to get a job without experience as you find many of the employers look for extensive experience. This can be frustrating. You would hope your years of studying count as experience. But, that is not the case. 

How can you get the employers attention for a job without experience and persuade them that you are the best candidate?

Most times, you don’t have the opportunity to meet your prospective employer face to face, so your CV must speak for you. Outline your passions and what unique qualities and value you can bring to their company.

They need people who have experienced the work environment at some point so be sure to include any experience at all. Did you help out at a family business, NGO or community work, a restaurant or any other work? It needs to show that you are responsible, reliable, can work well with others and are creative.

While you are looking for employment you can keep adding experience to your CV by doing short online skills courses, volunteering at community organisations or NGOs or even at companies as an intern. Get references from all of them. This all shows that you are serious about developing yourself, builds character and would be asset to an employer.

Keep in mind that you might be a Graduate, but you can take a lower offer or internship even, as a first job, to build experience. You will get to where you want to go if you keep working on your skills, your experience and learn always from those around you. Be Hungry and Confident but Humble. Humble. You can achieve your goals.

job without experience
There is a lot of help out there, such as the Botswana Youth Magazine and Jobs Botswana

Explore the many well used sites such as Jobs Botswana, which help you apply, prepare for interviews and let you know what is available.

Also check the helpful articles on Skymartbw Blog and have a think about what interests you, and what gaps you see that you could fill.

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