3 Great Attractions in Botswana -Kwando, Selinda and Linyanti

Kwando, Selinda and Linyanti concessions are found at the extreme northern reaches of Botswana next to the Caprivi, three of the most splendid, wild and secluded destinations the country has to offer.

Sandwiched between the Chobe National Park to the east and the Okavango south, this is real African big game country, and during the dry season the permanent waters of both the Kwando and Linyanti Rivers serve as important migration points large herds of buffalo and elephant, wildebeest and zebra.

Large herds of antelope and predators can be seen here, depending, of course, on the season, including waterbuck, reedbuck, giraffe, impala, kudu, serval, and with any luck the shy Sitatunga, jackal, lion, hyena, leopard, and cheetah.

But perhaps the greatest attraction of this part of Botswana is the feeling it gives of extreme isolation, offering peace and quiet from life.

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The Great Kwando River

The Kwando River flows south from Angola across the Caprivi Strip and into Botswana and slowly fills the Linyanti Swamps. The outflow from the Swamps then fills the Linyanti River, which turns east into the Chobe River.

The swamps that fan out from the rivers as part of the natural history of the Okavango – picturesque channels, lagoons, papyrus reed beds. Riparian forest lines the waterways, giving rise to magnificent, towering trees. Dry riverbeds – the Selinda Spillway and the Savuté channel – meet the swamps, their lack of flowing water possibly determined by faulting underground believed to be the southernmost point of Africa’s Great Rift Valley.

A small area of the Chobe National Park appears along the Linyanti River and swamps; it has a government campsite and facilities for the self-drive camper, while the concessions offer private camps.

Kwando Concession can be visited throughout the year.

The reserve is on a migration route for elephant, zebra and other herds. These animals arrive in the area around June when water has dried up further away from the river and marshes, and they usually only move on around December.

Best Time June to October is Best for wildlife viewing

High Season July to October  when High-season rates apply

Low Season November to June when Low season rates apply

Best Weather May to August  it is Less hot during the day

Worst Weather October It gets extremely hot

April to October –Dry Season

  • Wildlife viewing is at its best as the Dry season nears
  • July to October are high season months, with higher rates
  • September and October are extremely hot

November to March –Wet Season

  • There is a lot of wildlife around until December
  • The best season for birders
  • Low season rates apply
  • The scenery is lush and green with many flowers
  • There is less wildlife to view from January to April
  • Late afternoon showers
  • Roads might deteriorate with rains

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