Anxiety management through positive powerful steps

We are living in extremely stressful times feought with anxiety, with new challenges daily, losses all around and more often than no, no one around to confide in. This results in all sorts of stress and anxiety and we need a little help in how to manage this.

 The best remedy for anxiety is self-examination and action. Here are some easy steps to start with:

First, look inside. What is causing you to worry? Ask yourself this question and think carefully about your answer. Be specific. (For some situations, this may be readily apparent; other times, you may really have to think about it.) Writing it down or talking to a friend about it can help you sort out your feelings.

Then, decide what action, if any, should be taken. Try to figure out what part of the situation is under your control. Assess the problem to see whether the threat is real, or if you are blowing it out of proportion. If the problem is just a hypothetical situation or a worst-case scenario, decide if it is really likely that your fears will actually come to fruition.

Next, come up with a plan that tackles the part of the problem that is under your control. Taking action to protect yourself is a good way to channel nervous energy and provides reassurance against your fears. It is, in most cases, the healthiest response to realistic fears and worries. You may not be able to fix the entire problem, but even taking some steps toward improving your situation can significantly minimize your anxiety.

Once you have done all you can, just let it go. Like everything in life, this is easier said than done, but with practice, you can get pretty adept at letting go of excessive levels of stress and anxiety. You can do this by focusing on something else, reminding yourself of the solutions you have worked on, or trying some stress management strategies that can help you feel more centred and at peace, such as prayer or meditationjournaling about your feelings, or listening to music.  Getting regular exercise has been found to be especially helpful in combating the physical effects of anxiety and stress.

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