What to Declare at Botswana Border

Baggage Declaration

It is important to know what to declare the Botswana Border, whether verbal or written, and you must ensure that you declare all goods in your possession as well as their correct values. Failure to declare goods and their correct values can lead to seizure of your goods and can result in criminal prosecution or the imposition of severe penalties of up to three times the value of the goods.

What You Must Declare

  • All goods acquired outside Botswana in your possession, including items you received as gifts, such as wedding or birthday presents.
  • Repairs or alterations to any items or vehicle you took abroad and then bring back, even if the repairs/alterations were performed free of charge.
  • Items you bought in any duty-free shop including such items bought duty-free on aircraft or ship.
  • Items you are bringing home for someone else.
  • Items you intend to sell or use in your business.

To Avoid Delays with Baggage Declarations

  • Please produce all receipts and sales slips for goods purchased outside Botswana.
  • If you are unsure of the goods and values, which you should declare, ask for assistance from the customs officer. 

Meat/Dairy Products

The regulations on importing meat products change frequently, because they are based on disease outbreaks in different countries. Always ask customs officials upon arrival what are the specific regulations.

For more information contact:

Ministry of Agriculture, Enquiries

Tel +267 395-0500

Restricted Goods

These are goods that can only be imported with a license or permit.

  • Narcotic, habit forming drugs and related substances in any form
  • Firearms, ammunition and explosives.
  • Indecent and obscene material such as pornographic books, magazines, films, videos, DVDs and software.


No boat, mokoro or aquatic apparatus may be imported into Botswana, unless the owner is in possession of an import permit issued by the Department of Water Affairs.

Department of Water Affairs

Tel: +267 360 7100


Plants may be imported subject to plant health restrictions, and South African transit permits may also be required in respect of plants shipped through South Africa.


The importation of animals is closely regulated for public health reasons and also for the well being of the animals. Domestic pets and livestock may be imported subject to animal health restrictions.

For more information contact:

Director of Animal Health & Production

Tel: +267 395 0500

Note: A valid certificate of identity, rabies vaccination and movement permit issued in Lesotho, Malawi, South Africa, Swaziland, Namibia or Zimbabwe will be accepted at the time of importation into Botswana.

Duty Free Allowances

Customs duties are not charged on the following goods imported as accompanied or unaccompanied passengers’ baggage:

Wine2 litres
Spirituous & all other alcoholic beverages1 litres
Cigarette or pipe tobacco250 gms
Perfume50 ml
Toilet Water250 ml

Other new or used goods of a total

Value not exceeding (from outside SACU) – 3000 UA*

Other new or used goods of a total

Value not exceeding (from SACU) – 500 UA*

*UA is equivalent to One South African Rand.

Additional goods imported from outside SACU, new or used of a total value not exceeding 12 000 UA* per person, excluding the consumable items detailed above, are admissible at a flat rate of 20%, if the owner so elects.

Note: Duty will be payable at the applicable rates where travelers import goods exceeding the above allowances. Travelers importing goods for business or commercial purpose will not qualify for the above allowances.

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