How to reverse eWallet in 5 easy steps. (Ke reversa eWallet jang)

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5 Steps to reverse eWallet in Botswana -(Ke reversa eWallet jang?)

If you are in Botswana follow these steps to reverse eWallet and send money back to your account

  1. First go to your phone dialer and press *130*321#
  2. Enter your 5-digit Pin
  3. Got to option 3, Send Money
  4. Then go to option 2, eWallet Reversal
  5. Then press option 1, Continue
  6. It will show the most recent transaction, press option 1, Reverse
  7. Select Reason to Reverse Wallet
  8. Confirm with your 5 digit Pin

You can also call the FNB Botswana Helpdesk line on +267 364 2670 and they can help you reverse eWallet quickly for you.

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