Toothache Emergency Tips

Toothache is often described as the worst pain, and most people use conventional meds when they have toothache. However, tooth ache often hits when you cannot get to the pharmacy or doctor.

cloves for toothache
Cloves were an old folk-remedy for toothache, even chewed with the affected tooth

Clove Oil for toothache

Clove oil is a very fast painkiller and it’s interesting to note that it has a history of centuries of use for tooth and gum pain. Whole cloves were an old folk-remedy for toothache, being applied to or stuffed into the painful area of the tooth, or even chewed with the affected tooth if this is possible. And you can keep some in the cupboard just in case.

Important safety notes on using clove essential oil:

Use clove oil only as a temporarily pain relief and not a permanent solution. You should make an appointment with a dental professional as soon as possible – however if toothache strikes “after hours” or if you happen to find yourself in a survival situation, clove oil may help.

Pure clove oil is very powerful and it could burn your skin or cause nausea if you use it full strength. Dilute with olive oil (one part clove, 2 parts olive oil). Then, do a skin test to find out if you are allergic to cloves – apply a small amount to your skin i.e. inside of the forearm and wait. If any rash appears, it would be advisable to seek an alternative.

Be sure to use a high quality pure essential oil.

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