How to get emergency electricity credit in Botswana (Kolota Motlakase)

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How to get emergency electricity credit in Botswana from Botswana Power Corporation

Follow the steps below to get emergency electricity credit in Botswana (BPC)

  • When your electricity power has been shut off due to low credit
  • Go to your electric meter box
  • press 811 on the numeric keypad
  • press enter ⏎
  • You will be given emergency credit of at least P5.00

Reasons why you may need emergency electricity credit (kolota motlakase)

  1. Ideal or Poso electricity recharge systems are down
  2. Cell Phone used to buy electricity is off (no power)
  3. Physical electricity distribution outlets are closed
  4. No money for electricity in your bank account
  5. Far from the shops
  6. primary bread winner (provider) is not available to buy electricity
  7. Do not know how to buy electricity with fnb

Eliminate the need for emergency electricity credit with these tips

You can save a lot of power and money and make your electricity to last longer by following these steps below to eliminate the need for emergency electricity credit (kolota motlakase). Here are the strategies you can use below;

  • Turn off unnecessary lights that are not in use
  • Unplug appliances that are not in use
  • take shorter showers
  • Manage your geyser by switching it off when not in use, reduce the temperature to 55°C or less.
  • Replace your bulbs with energy saving LED bulbs
  • Run full loads in the washing machine and dishwasher
  • Invest in energy STAR appliances and electronics.
  • Save 6% on your bill by switching off your appliances at the wall.
  • Don’t set your fridge temperature colder than necessary: set your refrigerator between 2°C and 5°C and your freezer between -20°C and – 22°C

Buy these Appliances to save electricity

If you are looking to save electricity you can consider buying these appliances from the Skymart Marketplace to save electricity.

1. LG GR-B404ESNV Fridge

This LG Fridge has a star rating for very efficient energy use. Investing in an energy efficient fridge will help you save electricity and reduce the need for you to kolota motlakase. It has no frost control, 10 year warranty and a large 362 Litre capacity. You can check it out on Skymart here.

2. Univa 3 Plate Plug-in Stove U305b

Univa has this very energy efficient 3 plate plug in stove that fits well into any kitchen. Your meals will cook quicker therefore reducing and saving on your energy bill every month. You can check it out on Skymart here.
liper light bulb

3. LIPER Germany – LED Light Bulb – C SERIES GLOBAL BULB

Replace your old Light bulbs with this very energy efficient LED Light Bulb that only uses 9W of power. Buy this light bulb on skymart now

4. Univa U28EM 28L Electronic Metallic Microwave

his low power efficient 900W Microwave oven from Univa can help save electricity around the home as a drop in replacement for cooking in the traditional oven. 15 minutes in the microwave is equivalent to meals being prepared for over an 1 hour in the convection oven. Explore this Univa microwave on the Skymart Marketplace.

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