Unique Ways To Celebrate Mom This Mothers Day in Botswana

Mothers Day 2022 is quickly approaching, and we’re as enthusiastic as ever to come up with some creative Mother’s Day activities! You won’t find a more complete and unique selection of Mother’s Day activities anywhere else. With the world always changing, you’ll want to prepare for a variety of scenarios. This way, if last-minute changes in public health guidelines make your original intentions improbable, you’ll have a great backup plan in place, and mum will still have a wonderful Mother’s Day. Our mothers are deserving of the world. No. More than the entire globe… They are deserving of the entire universe. At the absolute least, they are entitled to spend Mother’s Day doing something memorable, enjoyable, and one-of-a-kind.

Unique Ways To Celebrate Mom This Mothers Day in Botswana

Top four things to keep in mind when planning Mothers Day activities

Let mom sleep in

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When was the last time she did this? A mother’s job is never easy. With that in mind, maybe the best present you can get her this year is just some peace and quiet

The Mothers Day card!

10 Handmade Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Moms and Grandmas!

She will no doubt be looking forward to reading your special message. Remember to write something from the heart!

Don’t let mom lift a finger
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Mom shouldn’t have to clean, or cook a thing for anyone on her special day

Quality time
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Add in some quality time with the whole family for at least a portion

What can I do on Mothers Day? Mothers Day activities Galore!

Breakfast in bed — the oldest Mother’s Day activity in the book.

It’s simple and oh so traditional. Let mom sleep in while you make some of her favorites. Need some ideas? Try one of these recipes.

Unique Ways To Celebrate Mom This Mothers Day in Botswana

Book a private yoga session

Does mom practice yoga? Going to a yoga class is wonderful and maybe that’s the thing you’ll want to do this Mothers Day, but consider something a bit more special. Hire a private yoga teacher (that you know mom would love) to come to the house to give her one-on-one on the morning or afternoon of Mothers Day.

Have a picnic

Everyone loves a good picnic, right? If mom loves the outdoors, this is a great option to enjoy some treats surrounded by nature. Pack all the finger goodies you can think of, a cute blanket, and maybe a small flower vase as the centerpiece.

Indoor alternative: If you don’t live in a climate that’s conducive to outdoor picnics on Mother’s Day… You can still have a picnic indoors. Move some furniture to make extra floor space. Lay down the blankets and bring out the picnic basket. Recreate the experience indoors for a special meal.

Help mom out in the garden

If mom loves nothing more than getting her hands dirty with some planting, give her a helping hand. Help her with whatever tasks need to be done and enjoy spending time together. She’ll appreciate your help and the quality time.

Dinner and a movie

Sometimes the old faithful date ideas are winners. When was the last time you went to see a film with mom? Let mom choose the movie and don’t forget the popcorn.

Create something together

Is mom crafty? Brainstorm some ideas with her ahead of time on what she might enjoy making. Prepare all the tools in advance— paper/canvas/paint/coloring pencils, etc. — and layout all the goodies so that mom doesn’t need to participate in the prep (or clean up).

Turn mom’s story into a book

Everyone has a life story worth knowing and mom is no exception. Combine arts and crafts with a little research and a whole lot of quality time for a day of helping to re-create mom’s story. Use old family photos, mom’s own recollections, and the internet (full of family history tidbits). Make a sort of life-story book for (and with) mom. She’ll love getting to re-tell some of her favorite memories and you’ll get to know her even more!

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