BTC Premiership Standings – Quickly Glance at the Botswana Premier league Table 2022/2023

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Quickly see the BTC Premiership Standings for the league. To know more, first off the top-tier football league in Botswana is the Botswana Premier League, which is now referred to as the BTC Premiership due to sponsorship. The league, run by the Botswana Football Association, was established in 1978 to take the role of the regional Bechuanaland Union African Soccer League before the country’s independence.

BTC Premiership Standings
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BTC Premiership Standings 2022/23

1Gaborone United9810251+2425
3Orapa United9603189+918
4Township Rollers9531148+618
5Security Systems95131611+516
7Eleven Angels9414108+213
8Morupule Wanderers9324711-411
9Nico United924328-610
10Sua Flamingoes9306811-39
11Police XI9234712-59
12Prisons XI9234612-69
13Mogoditshane F…9234616-109
14BDF XI9225611-58
15Extension Gunners9216715-87
16Holy Ghost9036517-123

Learn more about The Botswana Premier League

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How to catch the games of the BTC Premiership

  1. Live in-person attendance:
    This is perhaps the most traditional way to watch a football match, as it allows fans to experience the atmosphere of the stadium and be a part of the action firsthand. You can catch the BTC Premiership standings at any of the 12 football stadiums in Botswana.
  2. Television broadcast:
    Many football matches in the BTC Premiership are televised, either on traditional Botswana Television or through satellite channels like DsTV or Supersport. This allows fans to watch the match from the comfort of their own homes or on the go.
  3. Online streaming:
    In addition to television broadcasts, many football matches are streamed online through dedicated streaming platforms or through the websites or social media channels of the league or team. This allows fans to watch the match on their devices, such as computers, tablets, or smartphones. Usually between games you can view the BTC Premiership standings to find out how your favourite team is progressing.
  4. Radio:
    Some football matches of the BTC Premiership standings are also broadcasted on the radio especially on the popular Radio Botswana 1 station, allowing fans to listen to live commentary of the match while on the go or in a location where they are unable to watch the match on television or online. This is especially popular amongst car drivers and in rural areas of Botswana
  5. Highlights and replays:
    Even if a fan is unable to watch a match live, they may still be able to catch highlights or replays of the match at a later time. These can be found on television, online, or through other media outlets. You can read about past games and see the BTC Premiership standings on newspapers.


To sum up, the Botswana Premier League is a significant institution in the nation’s football landscape and is essential to the growth and promotion of homegrown players. The league has a lot to offer both players and fans, with a long history and a promising future.

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