How do I send a call back with Orange Botswana?

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It happens to everyone, just when you need to make that critical call. Find out how to send a call back with Orange Botswana with our simple easy to follow guide. It will only take less than 2 minutes to do. (Ke dira call back jang?)

Steps on how to make a call back with Orange Botswana

Stay in touch even when you have little or no airtime by sending a free “CallMe” message. Call me message is also sent automatically when trying to make a phone call with little or no airtime.

10 free messages a day

Dial a number and a Call Me Back will be sent Automatically.

How does it works

When you have no credit and you make a call to a mobile number, the person you are trying to reach will get a missed call alert.


If your credit is less than P0.20 you can send 10 FREE CallMe messages per day otherwise you will be charged P0.20 per SMS.

Available to

Orange prepaid customers ONLY.

NB: CallMe messages are restricted to within the Orange network only.

Call back with Orange Botswana
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Situations when you need to send a call back with Orange Botswana

Call me back is a huge life saver, here are some common situations when you need to send a Call me Back message;

  1. Forgot your wallet or purse at home and you need to make a payment
  2. airtime finished while getting directions to some place from someone
  3. when children want to talk to parents on family phone
  4. emergencies such as no electricity at home, run out of fuel on the road, medical emergencies
  5. when you want to annoy your loved one with call backs.

Discover mobile phones that support call back with Orange Botswana

Here are a list of 5 mobile phones that you can use to send call backs with Orange Botswana; These devices can be purchased on Botswana’s Number One online marketplace,

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