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eCommerce is a relatively new industry in Botswana even though across the globe we have seen more than 40 years of eCommerce. We will look at which is the best online store in Botswana.

Online shopping is fast becoming a thriving market in Botswana – as it is in the rest of the world. Majority of Batswana are eager to buy online .

According to industry experts, there are several reasons why an increasing number of people are switching to shopping online.

While convenience remains the biggest lure, the availability of massive discounts and coupons are also major factors. Buyers also tend to base their purchase decisions on advice from family and friends, online reviews and recommendations of products on popular social media platforms.

So if you haven’t jumped onto the online shopping bandwagon yet, its time you did.

What is the Best online store in Botswana is by far the best online store in Botswana featuring over 10,000 unique products and over 500 merchants. They feature categories from Phones, Electronics, Fashion, Building Material, Agriculture, Beauty and Health, Food and Beverages and many more. With Fast delivery to your doorstep anywhere in Botswana including Gaborone, Francistown, Jwaneng, Kasane, Ghanzi, Tsabong and more.

Skymartbw is the top ranked eCommerce website in Botswana

Established in June 2012, has a 10 year history of serving Batswana both locally and internationally.

Why is Skymart the best online store in Botswana with its long running experience in Botswana has nurtured and groomed the market in Botswana to accept eCommerce as a new alternative way to shop. Batswana are accustomed to the traditional method of shopping which involves going to a shopping complex or mall street and walking in and out of shops to buy items. Being a relatively quite country with not so many attractions shopping has become a favourite passtime for the locals. However Skymart has aimed to change the the status quo and has built up a fantastic platform for shopping. Here are the reasons why Skymart is the best

  • Local First Mentality is a 100% Batswana citizen owned firm lead by a young and vibrant team, their mentality is to focus on what works for Batswana. They have chosen blue as their color scheme not only because of the blue Sky, but also because blue is the national color seen on the flag and in other places.

  • Easy Payment Methods

Skymart focuses on providing the well established payment methods that every Motswana uses and understands. The team with their local first mentality started introducing alternative ways to pay online for goods bought. They are the first to introduce payment methods such as

a. Orange Money

b. Mascom MyZaka

c. eWallet / Pay2cell by First National Bank Botswana

d. Absa Cash Send

e. Stanbic Instant Money

f. Mukuru Money Transfer

Furthermore Batswana are well known for lay buy, Skymart have introduced lay buy online with 30, 60 and 90 day credit terms. Purchase order payments have also been introduced.

  • Fast delivery to your home

With every eCommerce, delivery is very important, Skymart provides a fast and efficient delivery method. Their own delivery team delivers packages in and around Gaborone, the capital of Botswana. For orders outside Gabz city, they deliver using Botswana Post EMS, Sprint Couriers, DHL Express. As for international orders Skymart uses DHL Express and FedEx.

  • Reach rural communities

The reason why Skymart is the best online store in Botswana has to do with their reach into rural communities, they have established a long running history of enabling people in rural areas the ability to get products that they cant find in their local vicinity. Moreover rural communities have embraced Skymart as their preferred selling tool.

  • Open for any merchant to join

Merchants are free to list and join on Skymart under their Sky Seller Program.

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