Learn How to buy online without a credit card in 7 easy steps

When you think of online shopping and you want to make a purchase you think of using a credit or debit card to buy online. Did you know you can buy online without a credit card. Here is a list of other ways to buy and pay online without a credit card for goods and services. We will be exploring the options below from the popular online marketplace skymartbw.com

Here is how to buy online without a credit card easily

Step 1 – Visit www.skymartbw.com and explore for products you want to buy

Step 2 – Once you have decided on what to buy you can Add the product to cart buy clicking “Add to Cart”

Step 3 – Click on your shopping cart and review the items are what you desire to buy

Step 4 – Click on proceed to checkout

Step 5 – Enter your email as well as your physical address for delivery, don’t worry Skymart delivers anywhere in Botswana.

Step 6 – Select which delivery option you desire depending on your address such as Botswana Post EMS, Sprint Couriers and others.

Step 7 – Now this is the important part, you can select other payment options apart from using a credit card or debit card, here are the options below;

Payment methods you can use apart from a credit card

As we have been reading about how to buy online without a credit card, we will know show you other payment methods you can use to buy online on the Skymartbw marketplace without a credit card, these include the following;

  1. Paypal (suitable for all countries)
  2. FNB eWallet / Pay2cell (Botswana only customers)
  3. Bank Transfer/ Online Banking/ Bank Deposit/ Foreign TT (All countries)
  4. Mascom MyZaka /Orange Money (Botswana only customers)
  5. Western Union / Moneygram / Mukuru (All countries)
  6. Absa Cash Send / Stanbic Instant Money (Botswana only customers)

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