How to use Pay2cell, its easy!

Pay2cell is a mobile payment service provided by First National Bank Botswana and will show you how to use Pay2cell. Pay2cell works on any device including feature phones, android and iOS that supports USSD function. You can use Pay2cell to make payments online on when you order products for delivery online.

Majority of people in Botswana are very comfortable with using Pay2cell on a daily basis to make payments for goods and service. The guide below will show you how to use Pay2cell.

How to use Pay2cell to make a payment to someone?

To use Pay2cell follow these instructions

Pay to Cell Instructions
*130*321# > Pin > Banking > Payments > Pay 2 Cell > Enter Number > Enter Amount > Confirm

Ensure that the number you are paying to is correct when making a payment.

Steps to follow when making a Pay2cell payment

  1. Dial *130*321#
  2. Enter your secret PIN number
  3. Select “Banking”
  4. Select “Payments”
  5. Select “Pay2cell”
  6. Enter the desired number to pay to eg. 71xxxxxxx
  7. Enter the amount you desire to pay
  8. Confirm the payment
  9. View Confirmation message

Reasons why you should use Pay2cell

  • It is a very easy and convenient way to pay
  • it is an instant payment method, money reflects instantly at the recipient
  • It is not as expensive as eWallet and other payment methods
  • Does not require memorization of long bank account numbers
  • Works with any cell phone in Botswana
  • Works in rural and remote areas where there are no bank accounts supports Pay2cell payments when making an order online on for a variety of products.

How to use Pay2Cell to buy products online on Skymart

You may want to buy products online on Skymart and may not want to use your credit or debit card, we can show you how to use pay2cell to make a purchase online on Skymart. Here are the steps below;

  1. First visit marketplace / download the Skymart Shopping App from Google Play, App Store or Huawei App Gallery
  2. Browse thousands of products until you have decided on what product you want to buy, you can use the search field to quickly find what you are looking for or you can use the filters and categories to navigate
  3. Once you have found the product you can add the product to cart by clicking “Add to Cart”
  4. Navigate to the cart page and confirm the products you want to buy as well as the amount (stock quantity) of each item
  5. Next click “Proceed to Checkout”
  6. At the Checkout Page, log into your Skymart Account if you have it, or create a new account by filling in your name, address and other particulars,
  7. Select the Shipping option that you want Skymart to use to deliver the product to your doorstep, such as Same day, Next day or 2 days free delivery.
  8. Then now select Pay2Cell / eWallet by FNB as the payment option to use Pay2Cell to pay for your order online.
  9. Agree to the terms and conditions and click Place order to put in your order
  10. Make a payment with your Pay2cell cellphone and follow the steps above on How to use Pay2cell. once the payment is made send the screenshot for proof of payment to info{at}

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