Top 5 Best Clothing Stores In Botswana

Fashion is designed to be an artistic and communicative medium just like every other language, it has its own set of rules. There are unspoken norms about what goes together, what’s proper, what to dress in specific contexts, and what’s not. Fashion, like every language, has its own set of accents and dialects. Different nations, religions, and people design clothes in different ways to represent their beliefs, customs, and history. These rules are taught from our family, friends, groups to which we belong, and the media, much like spoken language.

  • Fashion can also be a form of ‘body ornamentation’
  • Fashion also is a business that creates apparel and accessories.
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Here are the 5 best clothing stores in Botswana Stores

1. Cotton On

Cotton On Group is best known for its stylish clothes and stationery lines. They’ve got high-quality products which in turn creates an atmosphere that keeps customers coming back. A high standard of visual merchandising under central control represents the company’s corporate image. This guarantees that every Cotton On store is easily identifiable, giving customers a uniform experience. it’s through these services that they have been ranked the first on the list.

#myCottonOn Good for your wardrobe, good for the planet

As one of 5 best clothing stores in Botswana here is what you should expect when walking into cotton on :

  • Menswear that has the directional yet masculine look of contemporary urban wear
  • Ladies wear that consists of fashion basics and high trend garments for everyday wear

Despite the goodies Cotton On brings with it, one should be ready to return penniless, it’s the best as it provides quality products but it also needs one to have enough money to purchase those eye-catching clothes. Nobody said quality should come cheap.

2. Mr. Price

It’s just not about the price, it’s about the people

Mr. Price Clothing having been established by Stewart Cohen and Laurie Chiappini is fashion-leading clothing, footwear, cosmetics, and accessories retailer that offers on-trend and differentiated merchandise at an extraordinary value to ladies, men, and kids.

  • They believe fashion is for everyone, which is why they offer the latest looks sealed with outstanding value, whether one is after that need-it-now trend or an everyday essential, its easily accessible – along with sleepwear, shoes, and accessories for the whole family.
  • Mr. Price is also the sweet heaven of all tertiary students; they have trendy clothing ranging from Yeezy slides to hoodies, which makes it one of the top boutiques in Botswana as it caters to the youth’s tastes.

As one of the best clothing stores in Botswana here is what you should expect when walking into Mr. Price:

  • Mr. Price Clothing believes in staff empowerment and endeavors for each employee to own shares in the company, this way ensuring financial security and a foundation for a happy life.
  •  It’s one of the largest fashion retailers, offering quality clothing at discount prices.
  • They offer a wide range of Mr. Price Clothing specials which are available throughout the year

If you are a student, this is where you need to watch your step, one mistake and you can find yourself having bought the whole store as they’ve got the best deals for students including discounts and the likes, you can find the trendiest style T-shirt, skirt, dress, and trousers at really affordable prices, I wouldn’t say the same thing about their denim jeans, they are one of the most expensive products you can find at the Mr. Price store, it doesn’t shy away from putting their price tag on a high leash due to their variety and quality of the denim jeans, boyfriend jeans, and their mummy jeans.

3. Junik

Just unique

They believe that every woman deserves to look and feel her very best when getting dressed for the day, thus they empower women to be powerful, sensual, confident, and to improve their natural and inner beauty. They without a fail provide customers with the most up-to-date stylish clothes. Junik provides its consumers with a professionally chosen selection of pieces to complement their look, curated by a team of fashion stylists.

Being part of the 5 best clothing stores in Botswana here is what you should expect from Junik:

  • Bring you the best one-of-a-kind fashion items, such as dresses, shoes, bags, and sunglasses.
  •  You can order products from anywhere in the world and have them shipped or carried to your home.
  • Junik provides its consumers with a carefully curated range of goods that complement their style.

3. The Fix


The Fix is your one-stop shop for the latest fashion trends, with style and trends for both ladies and guys at affordable prices. The FIX is the go-to spot for any fashionable teen or youngster who wants to be the hottest and trendiest, or who wants to slay looks on a budget.

Having ranked 4th on the 5 best clothing stores in Botswana chart here is what you should expect from The Fix:

  • Fashion-forward customers seek here for their current fashion fix since it is aligned with up-to-the-minute international fashion trends as they happen.
  • a fashion ahead apparel company that focuses on women’s wear which is beneficial for them
  • The Fix is the young & hip quickest fashion value brand that is pretty appropriate for youngsters

5. PEP

Best prices and more

Pep provides affordable, good quality clothing, footwear, and homeware with a range of mobile devices at reasonable prices, it’s mostly known for having the best school stationary’s for both primary and secondary school through tertiary students do buy their stationary’s here too it doesn’t quite meet their clothing styles.

Pep clothing styles are best for babies as it also specializes in that and children from the age of 5 to 12 years or even less.

closing up the 5 best clothing stores in Botswana this is what you should expect when walking into PEP

  • Pep Stores offers up-to-date affordable and durable products at the best prices and strives to be the friendliest and most exciting retailer.
  • PEP actively keeps its costs down to ensure that more people can afford their stock.
  • It’s known for having the best school uniforms and school stationaries for both primary, secondary, and tertiary students

Below is an alternative to getting all the above in just one place

An Alternative Clothing Store – Online Shopping

Skymart has a fashion section that provides trendy, one-of-a-kind outfits that are so popular nowadays. Using Skymart’s multiple payment alternatives, such as pay2cell, my zaka, e-wallet, and Pega Mo Baseng, you may get them for less money and in more convenient ways. Simply go to and do what you know best. Don’t worry if you don’t feel like leaving the house today or if you’re feeling under the weather; they can transport your items directly to your door. Did I mention that they are an online business that accepts lay byes as well? You won’t have to worry about anything since you can just choose a plan that allows you to pay when it’s convenient for you.


From what we’ve picked up from the 5 best clothing stores that have been chosen is that they all got the best services and provide quality products that are trendy .but we are living in times where technology is taking over almost all of them have an online store which is best for the transition of the world to being technology-driven as it provides faster services and its much more reliable. Stores and Companies could try to benchmark or get a little knowledge from an online marketplace for instance as mentioned earlier, they are really doing a great job in the e-commerce space and are really utilizing it to their best advantage.

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